Wild Thang

by Jessika Klide


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Themes: Contemporary, Steamy
Story Elements:
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Series: Siri's Saga Serial 4 / 4
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Everyone has secrets!

Siri and TD arrive at the cocktail party.

My heels click as we walk in. The first thing I notice after taking in the house is that no one is breathing. Everyone has frozen right where they were when we walked through the door. Shock and tension fill the air.

I'm used to making a dramatic entrance, but not one like this. They obviously didn't know I was coming in place of Rachael. I cut my eyes at TD. He looks like a kid who got caught with his hand in a cookie jar in a candy store. Too excited to be really worried about the consequences. 

Darren, the host, walks over. He ignores me altogether and he speaks directly to TD. His words have an edge of anger. "You should have postponed until next time."

"My bad, but a month is a long time to wait." TD's eyes dart to Mandy over Darren's shoulder. "I knew everyone was looking forward to tonight and Siri was the perfect solution. Everyone knows her, plus she is beautiful. So I thought, 'Hey! She satisfies the requirements and it would be a nice surprise.'" He addresses everyone. "So I asked her, and she agreed to be Rachael's surrogate."

Surrogate? That's an odd choice of words, but whatever. At least he didn't use the word, date. Aurei was wrong. He does know this isn't a hot date. 

"You still should have called and gotten permission to bring her."

Permission? I look around the room again. What kind of cocktail party is this? 

Darren shifts his attention to me. "Forgive me, Siri. I don't mean to be rude. But we are an exclusive, by invitation only, club. We have never allowed a surprise surrogate to attend our swinger's meeting."

My jaw slackens from the shock and nearly drops open, but I catch it before it does. However, I can't stop the blood draining from my face and a quick blink of astonishment before my professional poker face slips on. 

For the love of Zeus! Swingers are f**kers! And they think I've agreed to be a surrogate tonight! HOLY F**KING HELL! How am I going to escape without f**king? 
Siri's Saga Serial Series is an epic love story of two young adults from different backgrounds who are living completely different lives, and who are uniquely successful; thus, they are uniquely alone. Having accepted their fate that they were destined to live this way, Karma steps in and triggers an undeniable chemical reaction between them. The explosion is their story.

Siri Wright is a Vegas headlining stripper.
Maximus Aurelius Moore is an Army aviator.
The only thing they have in common are secrets.
She hides hers from the world. She's a Vegas Diva. A million-dollar baby.
He shares his with no one. He's a multi-millionaire Venture Capitalist. Heir to the Italian Liotine Dynasty.

From the first moment they meet, their passion explodes.
Will they survive the storm? Will their secrets tear them apart?
Can they turn their undeniable lust into unforgettable love?

Take a walk on the wild side and enjoy a thunderous journey as ultimate seduction and ultimate discipline clash for one helluva passionate ride!

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