Just as the romance genre has grown and evolved, so to have it’s fans. What used to be a secret pleasure has now become an internet sensation with vibrant communities. Romance blogs cater to those communities and review books, interview authors and talk about their favorite tropes. Here at Red Feather Romance, we’ve collected the top 14 blogs that focus all things steamy, scandalous, and scintillating.

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

The people behind Smart Bitches, Trashy Books truly love all types of books but spend the majority of their time with romance. These romance bloggers write reviews with an easy-to-sort-by grading system and even offer a popular podcast where they interview authors or talk about the books they’re currently reading.

lrp2Love, Romance, Passion

Run by the middle grades / young adult author Kiera Gillett, this blog has a variety of romance reviews including some from guest bloggers. Love, Romance, Passion also does interviews with authors and hosts a lot of community contests.

Book Thingo

A group of Australians who love books, this blog does a lot more than just reviews. Podcasts, book events and musings from the point of view of reader and writer are a constant on Book Thingo as well as recommendation lists.

Fiction Vixen

Beginning as just a place to discuss her reading list, the Fiction Vixen has grown to include both romance and beauty. With a collection of book reviews sortable by grade and genre as well as beauty tips for makeup, hair and skincare this blog offers something for everyone.

Smexy Books

The best part about Smexy Books is that they don’t just review romance, they review all of its sub-genres as well. So whether you like traditional, historical, LGBT, or erotic romance literature, Smexy Books will have great content for you to read!

All About Romance

Not only does All About Romance review books, but they have book “cover conversations,” reader’s choice features, a list of the top 100 romance novels, and author interviews. All About Romance is a very interactive website for people who like romance fiction.

Heroes and Heartbreakers

With over twenty-five contributors, Heroes and Heartbreakers offers a variety of reviews on all sorts of romance novels. In addition to reviews, the blog offers shopping lists, community forums and fun quizzes like “What kind of romance novel are you?”

Book Bitches

Written by three women, the Book Bitches review romance novels from different subgenres depending on what is submitted to them. They also have lists of sales, new releases and pre-orders for readers to keep track with.

Romance Novels In Color

Run primarily by romance author Laurel Cremant, Romance Novels in Color is devoted to romance novels that feature a person of color as the hero or heroine. Dedicated to awareness and appreciation of diversity, this blog offers giveaways, free previews, and reviews.

Dirty Girl Romance

A hub of all things scandalous, Dirty Girl Romance offers reviews sorted by categories like “bikers” and “fighters” as well as giveaways, book trailers, and author interviews. The blog also houses a collection of lists like “Ultimate List of Second-Chance Romance” and “Ultimate List of Anti-Heroes”

Aestas Book Blog

Aestas has taken reviewing to the next level with reviews ranging from 4 to 10 stars and a large number of recommendation lists to suit any fancy including “Made Me Cry” and “Dominant Billionaires”. In addition, this blog offers book news, giveaways, and sales

Romance Junkies

With tons of reviews in numerous subgenres, Romance Junkies has covered a lot of territory from historical to paranormal. In addition to reviews, this blog has numerous giveaways for both e-reader and physical copy fans.

Under the Covers

Four friends obsessed with romance novels have come together to help readers. Under the Covers has recommendations as well as reviews able to be sorted by genre, date, title and rating. They also actively have giveaways, interviews and reading challenges for their community.


Dedicated to MM romance, Sinfully reviews the newest romance novels featuring two men at the center. In addition to reviews, the blog also offers giveaways and hot picks of the year.

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1 thoughts on “The Best Romance Blogs

  1. Lover Of Romance says:

    oh I just love love the list you have here and so many of these blogs are amazing. Mandi at Smexy books is amazing, I have been friends with her ever since I started blogging eight years ago and she is always so diverse in her reads and I love that. Under The Covers is pretty wonderful as well and have some great content to their site. Thanks for sharing, a few of these I don’t know about, and I am always looking for more romance bloggers to connect with.

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