Save Me, Daddy

by: Jess Bentley


Genre: Romantic Suspense
Themes: Contemporary, Daddy Romance, Virgin
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

The Chi Ro Pi Cherry Pies make me feel like I finally have a home again.
But when they send me to their Sorority 'Bake Sale' in a skimpy halter-top,
I find out the cherry pie they're selling is... my virginity.
Up on that stage, I'm more vulnerable than ever.
Until he takes me in his big, strong arms.
I want to stay there forever... if he'll let me.
I can't wait to show him just how grateful I am.

Save me, Daddy!

Virginity auctions aren't my thing, but when I find the Chi Ro Pis holding one in my building?
I'm furious.
I'm clearly too old for these girls. Ex-military. Way too tough for college kids.
But then she steps on stage. Soft, delicate, beautiful.
Practically trembling in fear. Lost. Bewildered.
She actually thought the Cherry Pie auction would be selling baked goods!
Even as she quivers in fear, my cock is stiffening.
I want to protect her. I want to own her.
So I take her, telling myself I'm her hero.
But who'll protect her from me?