by: Teagan Kade


Genre: New Adult, Romantic Comedy
Themes: Bad boy, Contemporary, New Adult, Playboy
Length: Committed Relationship (300-600 pages)
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Rock. Freakin’. Hard.

That’s me. Mathew Barton. I party like a rock star, play like an All Star, and f*ck like a porn star.

There’s not a woman I can’t make mine, but the only one I want is off limits.

I went on tour to get Selena Torres out of my head. All it did was make me crave her more.

Now she’s taken, the property of a guy I used to call my best friend.

It doesn’t help he’s her agent.

But I see right through him. He only wants her for one thing, and it ain’t her hot curves and parted lips.

I should have stayed away, but now I’m home I’ve got no choice. I have to protect her.

I won’t stop until she’s in my arms, my bed, thrashing and crying out my name with that honey sweet voice.

Nothing is going to keep us apart—not that prick, not a contract, not a god damn army.

One way or another, I’m going to make Selena sing again.