Bonus Forbidden Love Romance Deals!

Delve into the timeless allure of forbidden love in our exploration of captivating narratives where societal norms clash with matters of the heart. From star-crossed lovers defying familial expectations to clandestine affairs blossoming amidst societal constraints, these bonus romance reads offer a poignant reflection on the complexities of human desire and the enduring power of love in the face of adversity.

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  • When Aunt Adeline goes missing, it is up to her niece, Charlotte, to uncover the clues of her deeply hidden family secrets and the town she calls home. Discover the secrets the She Shed holds, the importance of friendship, and the true meaning of family. A murder mystery and a forbidden love story you won't soon forget.
  • It wasn't the fact she was half my age that made her off limits. Nothing was off limits for me. My obsessive desire to possess her was the real problem. For both of us. But now that I've seen her, tasted her lips, I can't let her go. #dangerousdaddy #agegap #billionaire #darkromance
  • Joanna is sure her dream of finding a French lover is over, but on her last night in Paris, she meets Ludo and Sébastien. Their attraction is instant, and the three of them begin an epic love affair that will change their lives. But malevolent forces are circling, and their bond is tested as they battle the darkness seeking to tear them apart.
  • There’s only one woman for him. The problem? She belongs to his best friend. Second place doesn’t sit well with Marty, but he’s loyal. When he keeps his buddy’s secrets and Claudia discovers what he’s been hiding, it’s game over. After a chance encounter reunites them, can they get over the past and take a shot at winning the biggest prize of all?
  • My Lady is a forbidden love story between Lord Aurick and Meghan, a blacksmith’s daughter. Brought together by fate, Meghan finds herself torn between her growing affection for Lord Aurick and the knowledge their love is forbidden. As their bond deepens, Aurick wrestles with the conflicting demands of duty and desire for a woman he cannot let go.
  • He was my first love. My first everything. He was also the one man I couldn’t have. It didn’t stop my heart from skipping every time he looked at me. He set my soul on fire. He stole my heart. Then he took it with him when he left. Now he’s a world-famous rock god, and everyone knows his name. But they’ll never know him like I do.
  • Don't fall for the ex-con, no matter how gorgeous his eyes are. That's what Kelly keeps telling herself. When a situation occurs Kelly never expected it would be him that comes to the rescue. He is everything she has been avoiding for years. Then he strolls into her cafe.
  • In 16th century England, Julia falls in love with a servant's son. Her family forces her into an arranged marriage with Gregory, who is neither kind nor merciful. When tragedy strikes, a stranger offers her a life-changing deal. Will she agree to join the Vampire Resistance to fight the King for a chance to reunite with the man she truly loves?
  • Marieke disguises herself as a boy at the all-male archers' guild which must house her father's killers. Soon she's vowing to help the most handsome archer in the place win the honors robbed from her own father, without letting him discover she's a girl—who loves him. First love, sweet romance, archery trials, & a hint of mystery in 14thc Belgium!
  • When reporter Grace Rampling stumbles on a grisly crime scene, she suddenly becomes central to the investigation — not just as key witness, but a potential suspect. Enter Det. Sgt. Adam Davis, whose fierce attraction to Grace could throw the entire case into jeopardy. He has finally found the woman of his dreams. Will the law keep them apart?
  • The moment I saw Stella at the gym, I knew I had to claim her. An instant forbidden attraction too hot to deny. Her curvy backside and seductive smile weren’t just amazing—they were a challenge I couldn’t resist.

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