My friend Jess Bentley just released Save Me, Daddy, which recently hit the top 100 in the Amazon store. I got to read it before it was released, and it was absolutely incredible. It tells the story of a billionaire who finds himself at an auction taking place in one of his buildings—when he arrives, he finds that the gorgeous, virginal Kita is up on the stage, ready to be sold to the highest bidder. Of course, he saves her. She immediately trusts him, but he’s not entirely sure if he can be trustworthy around Kita’s beautiful curves. This was an unusual premise and a breathtaking love story. I stayed up late reading it, and the pages kept on turning!

Let’s hear a little bit about what Jess’s life as a romance author.

What’s your favorite romance novel? And what about it inspires you?

Alongside all the great stuff that’s coming out now, including what I think is my best book – Save Me, Daddy, I love the books I used to read during the night when I was a tween and everyone else was asleep. That usually meant my mother’s trade paperback romances. The Thornbirds was amazing of course. An old book called Silver Metal Lover that my brother got in his sci fi book club was one I loved too.

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

I’d say I want to know the future but half the fun of the day-to-day is figuring out what to do next. Maybe eating whatever I want while still having the body of a nineteen-year-old supermodel.

As a writer, what’s the best advice you’ve received? How do you follow it day to day?

I think the best advice I’ve received is to always look in the direction you want to go and strive toward it, rather than obsessing about what could go wrong. Of course, things always go wrong, but if you’re always heading toward bigger and better things, you’re working toward something and you can be inspired. That’s more powerful than running away from something. Now I just need to learn to follow it, LOL!

How do you connect with your readers?

Newsletters like yours, and social media! It’s amazing to talk to fans of my work in real time and see what they like and dislike.

Readers can connect with me by email at I read every email and try to respond to most, if not all. People can follow me on Amazon by visiting my author page at and can get a free book by joining my mailing list at Facebook is also a great place for parties and giveaways. I’m on facebook at

What is your ideal writing environment? And does it ever happen?

I would love to sit on a dock on a lake, drink in hand, with hot guys kayaking by. I’m not sure how much writing I would actually get done, however. Maybe I should rethink.

What are you reading/listening to/watching right now?

I’m not doing a lot of reading for pleasure, but for research. I love to listen to all kinds of music from Brahms to Brazilian jazz. As far as watching, I’m just getting into Dear White People. It’s a Netflix series and so far I LOVE it. A little gritty, clever and has some fantastic writing.

What is the next book or project you have planned? We’d love to know a little more!

I have two ideas, one darker and weird and titillating, and one silly and light and titillating. I wonder if I should have two pen names so people can go from one to the other knowing what to expect? I guess I should get on social media and find out!

Thanks for chatting with me today, Jess!

Thanks for having me! I love Red Feather Romance and Written Word Media! Having their support is invaluable for both authors and readers. We need to find each other, and WWM is a brilliant way for us to do that.


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