Willow Winters discusses writing the first scene of her debut romance novel, Dirty Dom from the Valetti Crime Family series, which is now available in a complete collection for a limited time!

When I first came up with the idea to write Dirty Dom, the only thing I knew for sure was how I wanted the first scene to go down.

I could see the way that my hero, Dominic, and heroine, Becca, balanced each other out perfectly.  Both lost souls, struggling with where they’ve found themselves in life and not knowing what they needed or wanted to move forward.  I was also very aware of the fact that they would view each other as someone they couldn’t have.

Becca is a sweet woman, hard worker a widow and mother who’s reluctant to trust.  She’s learned to rely on herself and she’d never do anything to jeopardize her hard-earned life.

Dom’s life has come easy, as a bookie for the familia and the son of the Don, he does what he pleases and knows how to thrive in the dangerous world he’s been brought up in.  These two don’t belong together by any stretch of the imagination and they’re both very aware of that fact.

Nonetheless, when Becca comes into Dom’s office to pay off her former husband’s debt, it’s so easy to fall into his arms for just a moment. The spark between them is undeniable and the sexual tension too much to resist.

Dom and Becca can’t hide who they really are and by the end of the very first scene, the challenge is stacked against them both.  Each having their own ideas of where they stand.

I knew the first scene couldn’t be told in a single point of view.  Both of them needed to have their perspective’s told and balanced perfectly, just like they balance each other, even if they don’t see it.

I remember when I finally sat down to write the scene, I was scared that I wouldn’t do it justice.  In my head, it was like a movie, seeing each one of them and hearing their thoughts as they mirrored each other and set the tone for the story in a very poetic way.

I’m so happy I chose to write the scene how I saw it in my head.  It’s different, I’ve never seen another author do it the way I did, but I’m in love with my debut romance and I’m happy I took the risk, just like my characters did.

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