Wasted Heat

by: Colleen Charles


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Themes: Contemporary, Steamy
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Series: Wasted Chances 1 / 3
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Want a bite?


Being carried out of a burning building and cradled by a sexy fireman with a velvety as aged scotch voice? It should have been a panty melter but it’s still one of the scariest things that’s ever happened to me. I can’t forget my mysterious savior or his rock hard body pressed against mine. Holding me.

Rescuing me.

He keeps appearing in my naughty dreams even though I have no idea who he is. He disappeared that night into thin air on the wings of my soot blackened fantasies. I should have known his six-pack abs spelled trouble. Now he’s back and he has secrets. I know it. And I’m going to find out what they are.


I can't forget the luscious girl I rescued from the fire. Ally. She's a stunning beauty with curves hot enough to melt the frost off a polar bear’s ass. With all the wicked ways she tempts me, I want her sugary sweetness even more than one of her Red Velvet Raptures. I’ll taste her. I’ll ravish her until she screams my name.

I’ll own her.

But how can I keep Ally in my arms and my bed where she belongs when an evil blast from my past has shown up at the counter of her cupcake bakery wanting a pound of flesh along with her Dark Chocolate Decadence? My sordid history has come back to bite me. And it’s wearing heels.

Prepare to break the glass. You’re going to need your fire extinguisher!