Unauthorized Series: The Complete Collection

by: Lisa Ladew

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Genre: Romantic Suspense
Themes: Contemporary, Criminal, Law Enforcement
Length: Committed Relationship (300-600 pages)
Series: Unauthorized Series 1, 2, 3, 4 / 4
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Four very different women learn how to let the right man protect and serve them.

These are four full novels, steamy, all of them standalones and police romance, that follow four female police officers in their pursuit of their happily ever after. All romantic suspense. Jen, the heroine of the first book, is Jerry's sister from the Edge of the Heat Series.

Unauthorized Affair - Twenty-six year old Jen Mansko finds out the hard way that she's too trusting. Her apartment ransacked, her bank account emptied, and her heart broken, Jen has had enough and high-tails it to the only place she can think of where she will be welcomed – her brother's house.

Anxious for a fresh start, Jen does something completely out of character and decides to become a cop. Soon, the athletic beauty with the striking-pink locks captures the attention of ex-navy seal Police Sergeant Hunter Foley. When she is vetted for an undercover assignment, Jen dares another feat and quickly wins the approval of the powers that be.

Once embedded in the covert operation, yet another unlikely suitor is drawn to her. With two men on opposite sides of the law vying for her attention, Jen is forced to make a choice or risk having all she's worked so hard for ripped away from her.

Unauthorized Deception - When blackmailing leads to leaving it all behind, Ivy is desperate for the truth. The man she'd come to love suddenly disappears, leaving a note on her bedside table, Ivy's world is shaken to the core. The man she knew wanted nothing more than to be a cop. He wouldn't have thrown it all away.

It will be up to Ivy to find the answers, but the journey she embarks on is full of twists and turns. This sadistic game of cat and mouse will lead to a very unlikely source and familial bonds will be tested.

After working so hard to learn to love and trust, Ivy must gather her resolve and push past the deception. Will Ryker still be the same man once the web of lies is destroyed?

Unauthorized Obsession - Officer Kara Price has recovered from her injury and is back doing what she loves best, patrolling the streets of Westwood Harbor, praying that she never hears from her stalker again. But when her neighbor sees a man lurking outside her home, her partner finally forces her to take the case to the detectives.

Her attention is distracted by a confident, cocky, gorgeous business owner who sets his sights on her and won't take no for an answer.

Within days, her stalker turns from slight annoyance, to imminently dangerous, pulling her attention back to her current crisis. When the investigating officer suspects her new boyfriend is her stalker, Kara balks immediately. But when what they uncover in the investigation lands him in jail, Kara is torn between her heart and her safety. As her life spins out of control she holds tight to the hope that both of them will make it out of this alive and out from under suspicion.

Unauthorized Return - Coleton, our handsome and rich poet from book 1 returns, battered, bruised, and a little more bitter than before. But when the Sgt. Aria Gale, the police officer assigned to protect him is the twin sister of the most recent woman to crush his heart, he wonders if standing and fighting is even worth it.

When Coleton's car blows up, he has no more choice. He and Aria go on the run. But how will she react when she finds out about Coleton's involvement with her sister? Especially once he finds himself falling in love with her.