Truth or Dare

by Amy Brent


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Themes: Contemporary, Mountain Man, Steamy
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Eleven years ago, I lost my innocence to a complete stranger. 
He had everything - dominance, thirst, power, control...
It was perfect! 
That he left me scarred, damaged, flawed (and pregnant).

I meet him today, only to discover that he's gotten HOTTER with the years.
And that big, rugged body? That's made for sin.
Those icy blue eyes scorch me with feelings so intense that make me want to forget my imperfect past.
Suddenly, getting lost in the mountains seems like the most beautiful thing ever.
And when we play the game of truth or dare, I choose dare.

And guess what?
He dares me not to fall for him again!

Just that he doesn't know my deepest, darkest secret.
A secret that could destroy both of us - forever!