Tropical Fever

by: Roxie Odell

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Genre: Romantic Comedy
Themes: Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Series: Tropical Fever Series 1 / 2

Sometimes a Tropical Storm brings in more than just the rain...

Riley Teeter is a billionaire’s daughter, living in the strangling midst of a very strict upbringing. A girl in need of some serious summer fun. She’s lost herself to school, family, and all the responsibilities that come with being a political icon’s daughter.

Grayson William Smith is the consummate player, a young man who works the vacationing ladies harder than he works his job. He’s attractive, mysterious, and has all the right ingredients to distract Riley… except one. He’s completely and utterly disinterested in her.

Nevertheless, as odd a couple as they are, Riley and Grayson can’t deny the attraction between the two of them. When Riley starts to find herself again, will the incredibly handsome Grayson show her how to get lost in the moment? Will they find a way to melt together in the tropical heat of a paradise all their own?