The Phoenix Candidate

by: Heidi Joy Tretheway


Genre: New Adult
Themes: Contemporary, Politician
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Series: Grace Colton 1 / 2

He offered “one night: no strings, and no regrets....”

But mind-blowing sex is a wicked way to meet your new colleague.
Congresswoman Grace Colton’s one-night stand turns out to be Jared Rankin, a drawling, demanding political consultant tasked with vetting her as a vice presidential candidate.

He pushes hard—and she pushes back—to prepare her for a campaign that blurs the lines between ally and enemy. Grace is torn: play nice with Jared to earn her place on Senator Shep Conover’s ticket, or play hardball and back the slick frontrunner? Sticking to her principles could make Grace political roadkill.

As the convention approaches, Grace must decide where her loyalties lie and if she can trust Jared with her future—and her heart.