The Olivia Collection

by: Olivia Hawthorne, Olivia Long


Genre: Romantic Suspense
Themes: Bad boy, Billionaire, Boss, Contemporary, Sports Romance
Length: Boxed set


Six of Olivia's torrid best selling novels packed into one powder keg of explosive heat.


My name is Aubrey Britton.

I knew I was destined to be an old maid, get a bunch of cats, and be a nerdy book blogger forever.

Until the day I literally fell for Isaac James, the hottest man to grace the cover of any romance novel.

When all was revealed, would the nerdy book blogger get the guy?

Or was I destined to be alone forever?

BOSS Brothers:

Riley Bennett is a beautiful, proud young woman. After a humiliating night with a handsome stranger, she accepts a position in her stepfather's business which means accepting his twin sons as her bosses.

Maddox and Gunner Boss couldn't be more different, they clashed constantly and desired different things in life until they both set their sights on the delectable new Junior Associate, Riley.

Would their workplace dalliance lead to disaster?

Three Way:

Margot Wellington was the new girl in town.

When Ryker Montgomery saves her from certain assault, she's thrust into his life of crime.

Desperate time call for desperate action, and Margot turns to Ryker's twin brother Quinn for comfort. The billionaire CEO of the family's business empire, he's everything she wanted from Ryker and more.

An unexpected twist places her in a position where she is forced to choose between the two brothers.


Knox O'Connor is on top of it all, the UFC's Heavyweight Champion of the world, hot, single, arrogant and reputed to never stay with the same woman for more than a couple quick shags.

When his multi million dollar sponsorship deal hinges on him settling down and getting married, he's at a loss to find the perfect woman.

Lennon Bishop is a struggling bar tender at George O'Malley's lucky sports pub. A chance encounter with legendary fighter Knox O'Connor leaves her confused and suspicious of the feelings she seems to be developing for the notorious bad boy.

When he asks her to marry him, all bets are off. Will one of them falter in the ultimate game of chicken? Or will they both be brought to their knees by the primal force of their passion?

A Baby for the Bad Boy:

Desperation for money made her do desperate things. But what would happen when the bad boy stole her heart?

A nursing student tasked with more responsibility than is fair for her young life, she finds a way to cure her dad and get him the treatment he needs.

But she needs money to pay for it.

She seeks help from the one man who sets her body on fire and makes her heart flutter like a thousand butterflies...Dominick Carter.

Will Linden save her family and protect her heart? Or will Dom's love sweep her off her feet directly into the line of danger?


When a man like Caleb makes it so hard to love him, what's a girl like Brooke supposed to do?

Running from an abusive relationship, Brooke brought her daughter to a small sleepy southern town to start over. She wants nothing more than a simple uncomplicated life.

The town's reclusive billionaire seems determined to make this task impossible.

When the truth comes out will she be able to catch him as he falls, or will letting her own guard down and accepting their love be too hard?