The Islanders

by Nico Martinez


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Themes: Contemporary, Steamy
Length: One Night Stand (60-150 pages)
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

The Latina immigrant experience on Long Island. The Islanders tells the story of 2 beautiful sisters, Jessica (18 years old) and Eva Martinez (22). Although, poor and in an abusive home, the sisters live amongst the wealthy on Long Island and because of their beauty are granted access into that world. Jessica (lovely, with long golden hair and olive skin ) is a Senior in High School and dreams of attending an Ivy League school. An honor student, she can no longer tolerate her mother's abuse and hence, decides to leave her home and move in with her best friend's wealthy and powerful family, the Highsmiths. Her older sister, Eva Martinez (tall, exotic with dark hair and green eyes) is a high school dropout who works as a waitress in order to help their parents. Fiery and tempestuous, she's hurt that her younger sister chose to leave in order to live a life of affluence. However, Eva's fate leads her into the same world, when one day while waitressing, she serves an escort madam, Gina Rojas and her gorgeous client ,Cuban American, Esai Rivera. When Gina notices the stunning Eva and more importantly, how taken Esai is with the girl, she devices a plan: To get Eva into the world of escorting and deliver her right to Esai Rivera's doorstep in the Hamptons.
However, Eva and Esai aren't prepared for the powerful chemistry between them. And the two sisters, now exposed to this strange world, must find out the importance of loyalty and sisterhood.