The F King

by: Ada Scott


Genre: Romantic Suspense
Themes: Bad boy, Contemporary, Criminal, Fake Relationship, New Adult, Suspense
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Series: Still A Bad Boy 3 / 3
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Sarina was always so focused on her career that she never had time for a relationship until it was her job to have one. She was supposed to "gain his trust," but she doubts they meant she should let him take her to bed.

Instead of showing her where he gets his supply of F, he shows her what it's like to writhe in ecstasy as she scream his name. Instead of giving her the identity of the drug lord known as The F King, he gives her climax after climax.

Her world now revolves around him so much that she can't tell which life is a lie anymore. She was an undercover cop. What is she now?