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The Cowboy’s City Girl

by: Emerson Rose


Genre: Western Romance
Themes: Contemporary, Steamy, Western
Length: Committed Relationship (300-600 pages)
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

After being falsely accused of a serious crime by an egocentric and vain city girl, I swore never to be involved with another one again. The high profile lawsuit of the world’s favorite pop star princess vs. her monstrous body guard ruined me financially and publicly. Nobody wants to hire an accused criminal to be their bodyguard, even if he was found not guilty of all charges.

I have not wavered from that decision for five years while living in Montana working as a personal assistant and head of security for billionaire rancher Ash Pride.

The past few years have been the best of my life. Secluding myself from the public and the media on Ash’s ranch was my saving grace… until a beautiful, sassy photojournalist showed up on Ash’s doorstep.

Allison Green’s curves, her sass, and her smile are making me rethink my “no city girl” rule for the first time in five years.

Can I risk being thrust back into the public eye?

Can I trust someone whose profession once ruined me?

Can this cowboy fall for a city girl?