Tangled Up In You

by: Lara Ward Cosio


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Themes: Contemporary, Rock Star, Steamy
Length: Committed Relationship (300-600 pages)
Series: Rogue Rockstar 1 / 5
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Gavin is moody. He's passionate. He's sexy. He's the perfect front man for the Irish rock band Rogue. But he's also damaged by what he lost as a child. He needs someone to lean on.

Sophie is a stunning American beauty and the only one who can take the edge off Gavin's angst. But she's not perfect. She needs to be needed, even at the expense of what's good for her.

Gavin and Sophie meet perfectly in that place of need, each seeking and finding the other there. Though it's a tangled connection, it works for them.

Until it doesn't.

When the tabloids get a hold of Gavin's childhood secret, the backlash is more than he can handle and he pushes away everyone he holds dear, including Sophie. Conor, the band's gorgeous guitarist, is all too eager to step in and be the support Sophie needs.

With his life in tatters and Sophie slipping from his grasp, Gavin must finally confront his past or risk becoming just another rock star burned out by the spotlight, alone and broken.

Author's Note:
This is not a stand-alone book, but the rock star romance series
is complete with three more Rogue Series books:
Playing At Love
Hitting That Sweet Spot
Finding Rhythm
+ Looking For Trouble - A Rogue Series "Extra"