Steele My Heart

by: Tatum West


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Themes: Contemporary, M/M, Steamy
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Series: Bridge to Abingdon 1 /
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

I survived cancer. I started my own business from scratch.
And I've put up with hate and small town politics. But nothing prepared me for love at first sight...
Gil Steele melted my heart and set my soul on fire the first time I saw him.
And, God help me, he's caught up in a dangerous game--trying to change this town.
It might get me killed. Might get us both killed.
But Gil, he might just be worth it.

Gil: I was tired of working the police beat in Northern Cali. Exhausted--my whole body was yearning for a place I hadn't been in years, my old home. When my mama died, I knew I had to come back, and my new job as police chief sealed the deal.

I got away from heartbreak. From being so tired. From the constant,never-ending world of crime I'd come to know.
In Abingdon, I can relax, see all my old friends from Jackson Academy. Maybe I can even change this place and make it better for all the kids like me. The ones who were different, who needed a place a little bigger and broader than a small mountain town could provide.
I always promised myself I wouldn't come back.
But Kendall Vincent--he might get me to stay for good. When I'm in his arms, Ifeel complete, whole again, like a man reborn to the world.

Everything seems perfect, right up until the moment that it's not.
When two gay kids get hurt bad by a gang of thugs, I realize that Abingdon needs me far more than I thought.
And I'm here to protect the town--and the man--that I'm growing to love.

Kendall: I've survived everything this world has tossed my way--ignorant parents, falling for men who want to play straight, and running a food truck in a town that likes its men butch and its hot dogs bland as all hell.
I even got through chemo and three bone marrow transplants when I was a kid.
But nothing prepared me for meeting Gilman Steele.
Six feet of pure muscle with eyes that shine like gold and a smile I'd like to see every morning for the rest of my life.
I know I'm crazy, but I swear to God almighty that I fell in love with that man of Steele from the first second I laid eyes on him.

There's a secret I know that could change my relationship with Gil, a lie I've been hiding for over a year.
It could threaten Gil's life here, everything he's worked for. But justice is justice, and I believe in the Abingdon that Gil wants to create.
When the drama gets worse than I ever imagined, I realize that Gil's not the only one in danger.
I'm toppling off a bridge and getting sucked down into the murky water of Holston Lake when I know for sure--this isn't the day I meet my maker.
I didn't survive everything I've been through just to die at the hands of an evil man with a secret far darker than my own.
I'll make my way back to Gil. He's mine, now and forever.
This town might not be ready for us, but I am.
And I plan to let the world know it.