Sinner-Saint Box Set

by: Roxie Odell


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Themes: Bad boy, Billionaire, Contemporary, Steamy
Length: Boxed set
Series: Sinner-Saint
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

A slightly tarnished knight in shiny armor comes to the rescue of a damsel ready to undress for this smoking, hot knight. If only he’d give her his name!

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A Steamy Bad-Boy Romance Series 

On the way to work, Cheri Holt encounters two events she certainly didn’t expect and isn’t at all prepared for. First, she’s robbed at gunpoint, and second, a good Samaritan by the name of Thomas Graham—the hottest man she’s ever seen in her life—literally bursts out of the darkness and saves her from the bad guy.

Though her knight’s armor is slightly tarnished Cheri is completely smitten, a damsel ready to undress.

Unfortunately, her impromptu bodyguard disappears, and so does the only witness who can back up her version of what happened during the robbery. The gunman is destined to walk free without any corroborating testimony, giving Cheri yet another reason to continue stalking her gorgeous mystery man. In a chance encounter and a passionate exchange, Cheri asks Thomas for his help, but this time the answer is no. He’s a man with a past, which prevents him from being there to rescue her again.

He tells her to turn and walk away, but Cheri finds that an impossible thing to do. Their attraction is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of feeling, and they both know it. In the end, it’s Thomas who can’t let her go.

Just when it looks like they might be heading for a white picket fence future, his old ways revisit him, threatening to destroy the best thing that’s ever happened to him…and to her.

Can Thomas and Cheri find the strength to love each other and share a future that might be tainted by the past?

Sinner-Saint Series includes:

This is a complete story in a full-length bundle, with a happy ever after ending.
Recommended for 18+ readers.