Sapphire Room: Vol. 1 Boxed Set

by: Caitlin Rain, Mary Jane


Genre: New Adult
Themes: Billionaire, Contemporary, New Adult, Playboy, Vacation Romance
Length: Boxed set
Series: Alpha Billionaire Romance 1 / 3
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

This is my life, and it’s a good one. It’s a simple life. Well, simple for a business man, I suppose. My name is James Mont, CEO of a large corporation that promotes healthy living, I have to stay fit.
Honestly, I do more working out in gyms than I do work in the office, but it’s okay because I love working out. I am fine looking, and I know it. Rich, fit, confident –who wouldn’t want to be me?
And throw all those things together and you get the third reason I am one to be envied: women love me. Even this bitch: Éclair Beauchene, and yes, that’s French.

Destiny gasped as she took in the sight of the hotel room that she had just arrived in. It was huge, with two king beds and a full kitchen suite, as well as an extravagant bathroom. She could not believe that she had landed such an incredible job.

Destiny had just gotten a job working for a travel magazine. She was a photographer for them, and it was her job to write reviews and take pictures of some of the top quality hotels around the world.

She would get to stay in the various destinations for several weeks at a time and really get a feel of the place. Destiny couldn’t imagine a more perfect job.
“Oh my God,” Destiny’s friends, Samantha and Brianna said in unison as they entered the room behind her.

This Box Set contains:
Book 1: Shattered BODY
Book 2: Shattered MINDS
Book 3: Shattered SOULS
Book 4: Shattered DREAMS
Book 5:Shattered LIVES
Book 1: KINKY days
Book 2: TIMELESS days
Book 3: DRAMATIC days
Book 4: HYPNOTIC days
Book 5: DANGEROUS days