Rumor Has It

by: Lila Moore


Genre: Romantic Comedy
Themes: Celebrity, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy, Veteran
Length: Committed Relationship (300-600 pages)
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Everyone in the world wants Jamie Kelly. She's the it girl of Hollywood and America's Sweetheart- only this sweetheart is hiding a secret that could rock Hollywood to its core.

Enter Theo. He's an ex-marine turned bodyguard hired to protect Jamie from an obsessed stalker. He's hot and temperamental- everything America's Sweetheart is supposed to hate- but Jamie is desperate to break away from her good girl image and Theo is just the guy to do it.

But there's a problem: Jamie is dating one of the world's hottest actors and the two share a secret that could devastate their lives if ever revealed.

Jamie is convinced Theo came into her life to save her, not only from her secrets, but the stalker that threatens to kidnap her.

Will Jamie and Theo get their Hollywood ending? Or will she become another fallen star?