Ruined by the Ultimate Billionaire

by Georgia Stockholm


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Themes: Contemporary, Steamy, Suspense
Length: One Night Stand (60-150 pages)
Series: The Billionaire's BBW 1 / 4


The four part Billionaire's BBW series begins with a bang as Danielle, a BBW librarian is drawn into a high tech world of wealth, intrigue and dark sexual desire. The four installments form a complete novel with a mind-blowing conclusion that redefines the words 'happily ever after.'

When Dannielle's library is threatened, Justin Blake, billionaire entrepreneur and architect appears out of nowhere, an impeccably dressed, heavily muscled, steely-eyed savior. An unexpected invitation to his cliffside mansion reveals a man marked by some traumatic secret buried in his past. As Danielle peels away layer after layer of Justin's facade her world is turned upside down. Their night of brutal passion unveils tantalizing pieces of the puzzle. Justin's last name, Blake, she learns means darkness... in more ways than one.

She finds there is so much more to Blake than meets the eye.

Will she lose herself in a world of wealth, power and pleasure? Curvy Danielle fears she doesn't look the part of a Billionaire's wife. Does Justin see her as a plaything... or something more? She will never know unless she ignores her every instinct. A lifetime of playing it safe has never prepared her for this.

Will she let the life she has lead be ruined? Will she listen to the calm voice of reason, or the dark whisper of her secret heart of hearts?