Royal Beast

by: Lexi Whitlow, Natasha Wessex


Genre: Romantic Comedy
Themes: Bad boy, Contemporary, Royalty
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

He tells me he's a beast because of the size of his ego. And he'd like to show me just how big it is.


I came to Europe to go to graduate school--not to have a one night stand with an arrogant, rude, royal beast.

But when I run into Matthias Albring in Amsterdam, he says he'll show me everything the city has to offer... including just how big a beast he is.

It was all supposed to be fun. The train ride to Brussels, the toy shop, the lingerie, and the nights where Matthias pushed me to my limits.

But his family wants him in an arranged marriage, and Matthias isn't the type to settle down.

So I'm gone.

Off to Paris, grad school... and a positive pregnancy test?


My life revolves around three things--drinking, gambling, and taking home tourist girls at the end of the night.

When I meet Mal, she's uptight, repressed, distant--and my next target.

And when I finally get her in my bed, I make her mine.

It turns out she's nothing like the royal ladies and princesses my parents would like me to marry.

She's gorgeous, fierce, and wild--—and unlike any woman I've met before until she leaves without saying goodbye.

I know she's somewhere in Europe, but she's deleted her number from my phone.

I'm determined to find her. And when I do, I'll show her she's mine.


Royal Beast is a standalone romance novel with steamy scenes, sweet romance, overbearing royal parents, and a delicious Happily Ever After. Enjoy!