Puck Buddies

by: Teagan Kade


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance
Themes: Contemporary, New Adult, Sports Romance, Steamy
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

She’s never had an ‘O’.
I’ve never hooked up with a teacher.
I came to this icy hellhole of a college for hockey, for redemption, but what I found was a whole lot better.
Harper Dunham wanted to experience the big O… and I used by my big D to deliver.
I didn’t discover she was my new cultural studies teacher until the following morning, the taste of her still on my lips, her panties in my pocket.
All want is to study those soft lips and sweet curves one more time, but doing so would put both of us in danger. She’s untouchable, forbidden—a smart girl who knows I’m a very bad idea.
But that won’t stop her coming back for more.
Being with her means risking everything.
But f@ck it. When have I ever played by the rules?