Passion’s Reward

by: Julie Shelton


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Themes: BDSM, Contemporary, Steamy
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Series: The Doms of Passion Lake 6 / 6

Crashing into the Passion Lake ambulance is not part of Rachel Adams’ plan. Nor is being stranded for three weeks while her car gets repaired. She’s there on a quick assignment. To write a sleazy, no-hold-barred exposé about the sordid side of the BDSM lifestyle for an even sleazier magazine. Hey. It’s a job. And beggars can’t be choosers. Three days, tops! Get in, get the goods, get out. Piece of cake. And the money she’ll earn is the only thing standing between her and abject poverty.
Enter Jake Weston and Roman Sanderson, the crashees. They’ve been looking for their lifetime sub for years and when they see Rachel, their Dom radar goes haywire. The attraction is instantaneous and off-the-charts hot. When she tells them she’s interested in finding out more about the lifestyle (her cover story), they not only offer her a place to stay, they also offer to serve as her Doms for the next three weeks.
Rachel’s plan is working perfectly. Until she realizes one thing. She’s in love with Jake and Roman. Okay, two things. There is no sleazy, sordid side to BDSM. Okay, damn it, three things. She has to come clean and tell them her real reason for being there. Will they forgive her? Or will her betrayal destroy them all?