one last fight

One Last Fight

by: Ava Ashley


Genre: Sports Romance
Themes: Contemporary, MMA Romance, Reality TV
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Series: One Last Fight 1 / 2
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

One mistake. That's all it took to destroy my world.

And my world? It had a name. Rafe Maddox.

Once upon a time, Rafe and I were inseparable. He was my light in the darkness. My everything. He was there for me when I needed him most.

I wish I could say I returned the favor, but I didn't. I abandoned him. Even let him go to prison trying to protect me.

That was six years ago.

Since then I've tried to forget him. To move on. I almost succeeded.

But now he's back in my life, and I have one last chance to fight for him. For us.

But the thing about fights worth winning? They're not easy. Sometimes you have to fight dirty. He taught me that.

Well, he's about to learn no one fights as dirty as me.