by: Stephanie Brother


Genre: Romantic Suspense
Themes: Contemporary, M/F/M, Twin
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

When Logan hands me his number in a crowded bar and then disappears back into the shadows like a superhero, I feel like I've finally met my match.
He’s not only charismatic, mysterious and mind-blowingly sexy - which would be enough already on its own - he’s also a real life alpha, which makes him absolutely perfect in every way for me.
I'm so spellbound by Logan, I'm convinced his perfection can’t be improved upon, right up until I meet his identical twin brother, Jack, and my mind gets blown for real.
I can’t believe that not only do these two people exist, not only do they both seem perfect for me in completely different ways, not only do they seem to want me as much as I do them, they are also just as happy to share.
I've spent so many years fantasizing about this kind of thing I've lost count, and now that it’s here, I can hardly believe my luck.
That’s right before my mom drops a bombshell, of course, and fate stabs me in the ass with his sharpened sword.
Logan and Jack are perfect in every single way but one.
They’re about to become my stepbrothers.