Natasha’s Mission

by: Lucy Johanson

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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Themes: Billionaire, Contemporary, Single dad, Steamy
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

I’m Lucas Chapman. Yes, that Lucas Chapman.

Arrogant playboy billionaire, owner of Chapman Capital Investments—but I was always arrogant with good reason.

I built that company, recruited the best to run it, while I entertained a constant flow of beautiful women.

Until someone left a baby at the office.

My baby: Bethany.

That was when something snapped in me.

I cut off my playboy lifestyle at the knees, took even more of a backseat at work, and concentrated on my infant daughter.

It was a mistake to think nothing would change. And when Natasha Golding entered my life, everythingchanged. . .

She wants my company. And I hate her for it.

So why can’t I fight her as hard as I did every other enemy? And why do I want to spend more time with her?

Is it wise to let her near me?

Near Bethany?

Will she betray me and take my company?

The way she makes me feel, will I care?

Natasha’s Mission is a billionaire romance with a single dad twist that will have you rooting for the pair to earn their HEA.