Natalie Wild’s Four Series Collection

by Natalie Wild

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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Themes: Contemporary, Steamy
Story Elements:
Length: Boxed set
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Finally together in one collection are four of Natalie Wild'sBestselling Series.

Wild Submission:
Shelley tore her Achilles’ tendon in a ballet accident and after recovering, is broke and has no other skills than dancing. A friend suggests she interview for a cage dancing gig at a BDSM nightclub called The Leather Rose. The man who interviews and hires her, Damon, oozes dominant sexual energy and Shelley’s drawn to him like no other man. He gives her a stage name, Serenity, and tells her to meet him at the club that night to check out the dancing and the vibe. At the club, she sees all kinds of things she’s never laid eyes on before, and lets herself get drawn into this curious and erotic new world. Things quickly start heating up between Shelley and Damon, but when another dancer at the club finds out, she plants doubt into Shelley’s head as to what kind of man Damon is.

Wild Passion:
Kyle Grant is a man with a hidden past and a billion dollars. He’s handsome as sin and just as tempting. He’s also in the mood for a little no-strings-attached pleasure so he meets with Madame, who runs Black Leather, an escort agency. Madame has something special up her sleeves: A brand new girl, an innocent named Lace who is as gorgeous as she frightened. Lace’s real name is Elaine. She’s a broke, small-town girl who sees no other way but to take a job with the escort agency. She thinks she’s ready for her first date, until she meets Grant in a fabulous suite in a ritzy NYC hotel. He’s sexy, kind and has dirty little games in store for her she has never known how to play before, games that she can’t wait to play again.

Wild Pleasure:
For two years, Kylie Jameson has fantasized about Grayson Freemont: The sexy guy that got away. Years later and out of nowhere he makes contact. When he learns of her photography hobby, Grayson convinces Kylie to take pictures of him before, during and after his workout. Before long, Kylie finds herself in his arms, naked and aroused and she is in for one of the wildest rides of her life.

Wild Fantasies:
Reese thinks Alexander is sweet and charming when he asks her out, but it’s in the privacy of a bedroom that she truly learns what his world is all about.
A new job, a new apartment and a new city—Reese Crafter is in love with her new life. A morning run along the Miami Beach goes exceptionally right when hot, sweaty, delicious Alexander Wright asks her out. She is giddy. Nothing can ruin her streak of good luck. Except that Alexander has something on his mind, and an opening for a lucrative position—in his life. He has decided to make Reese his submissive, and with her inhibitions and shyness, she is no match for his captivating dominance.

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.