Mastering the Professor

by A. J. Steele


Genre: BDSM, Contemporary Romance
Themes: BDSM, Contemporary, Steamy
Story Elements:
Length: Boxed set


Gage Rutherford is the perfect embodiment of a Dom, his raw sensuality and naked masculinity giving him an appeal that Emma Burke can’t ignore. Unable to resist his allure, she allows him to pull her into his world of hard-core BDSM. At first, at Gage’s insistence, it’s just sex. Sadistic, kinky sex. Hot, passionate sex. Whenever and wherever he demands it—in her office, on the dining room table, at the Renaissance Fair, in his dungeon. Just sex. Because he has no use for love or romance. Devastated by his ex-wife’s betrayal, he swears he’ll never allow himself to be vulnerable to any other woman. Ever.
But what happens when exquisite physical passion becomes entangled with long-suppressed emotions? What happens when “all that sex” exposes all those hidden hungers and needs? What happens when Emma’s growing love for Gage smashes right up against his desperate need to deny his own growing love for her?
Will either of them survive the destruction?