His Intern

by His Intern


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Themes: Billionaire, Contemporary, Steamy, Virgin
Story Elements:
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

I’m a bad-boy party-animal and they just hired a virgin to be my babysitter!
Are they purposely trying to make me screw up?
They know I can’t resist temptation.
Especially when it comes in a tight little package like Hailey Woods.

The press label me the city’s most eligible playboy bachelor. Who am I to disagree?
Women line up to spread their legs for me. They all want a turn on Zach Nettles.
So I give them exactly what they want.
But when my Father tells me I need to clean up my image, the last thing I need is a glorified babysitter.

Hailey Woods, my PR intern, is nothing like the women I'm used to.
Young, innocent and with curves that drive me insane
She's hired to keep me in check. I'm told to keep it professional.
But the attraction is too strong ... and I have to make her mine. Take her completely and show her who's really boss.
I want her sweet, tight body underneath me.
I want her soft lips on my neck.
I want her tongue on my … okay, you know where I want her tongue.

Seriously, are they trying to help me or get me fired?
My reputation, my entire business is at stake.
I have to keep it in my pants or lose everything.

I have to resist the only thing I could never keep my hands off.
I have to resist temptation.