His Christmas Package

by: Bella Love-Wins


Genre: Sports Romance
Themes: Bad boy, Contemporary, Sports Romance
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)

Carver Johnson

I may be a southern college football star in my sophomore year, but I stand in no one's shadow. As a tight end, I rise to the occasion just like the best of them...and then some.
I have a reputation with the hot little college chicks, and my package does too. There's just one problem. Holly Snow. She's the rebellious firecracker of a wildcat, living it up in her senior year, and now she's fixing to find out firsthand if all the rumors are true. Oh, and she's the daughter of my head coach. Holly shows up at our frat house party a few days before thanksgiving, and one thing leads to another. Next thing I know, she's asking me to help her pick out a Christmas gift. I should know better than to look in her direction. I don't even like the holidays. Dating her is as dangerous as it gets for me, on and off the football field. But hell, I live for danger.

Holly Snow

I'm wild and mouthy, but I have my head in the game. I worked hard, put in my time, and waited until senior year of college to let loose. My future is set. At least I thought so until I got dirty with Carver Johnson, the arrogant jock with the filthy mouth. His touch alone ignites my skin and leaves me breathless...never mind that the rumors are not just true, they're understated. Daddy still thinks I'm a good girl. Boy, is he wrong. It's going to take a holiday miracle to keep a scandalous secret under wraps. I'm carrying Carver Johnson's baby.