His Captive

by: Nikki Chase


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance
Themes: Contemporary, Criminal, Mafia, Steamy
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

She was supposed to be my hostage.
A bargaining chip to get what I want.
Then I get a taste of her untouched body.
Now she’s all I want.
I’ll do anything to make her mine.

Elena's father has to pay for what he’s done to my family, and she’s his biggest weakness.

The problem is, the mafia princess doesn’t go anywhere without her bodyguards. But I can see the yearning in her sweet, innocent eyes. She’s sick of her gilded cage.

I convince her to ditch them—her bodyguards and her overbearing parents. And like a good girl, she comes at my command. The perfect hostage.

Then she becomes so much more than that. She’s an irresistible temptation. An enchanting distraction. When I touch her, she opens up for me—responsive, insatiable . . . submissive.

For years, revenge was my obsession, my only purpose. I spent all my time working on a meticulous plan. But just a few days with Elena, and I throw it out the window.

I never thought my captive would set me free. I’d been numb for so long and she makes me feel something again. Something other than all-consuming fury.

In Elena, I've found my new obsession. I'm f*cking addicted. Nothing else matters but making her mine.