Her Biker Boys

by: Veronica Wade


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Themes: Contemporary, Reverse Harem, Steamy
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Going from completely innocent to having four men worship me?
When the death and funeral of my father reveals that he had a secret life,
I find myself knocking at the door of a biker gang.
What I find out changes everything...

My whole life I thought I knew exactly who I was: a good girl.
The kind of girl who did exactly what she's supposed to do, to please her father.
But since he passed, everything has changed. I'm determined to find out what I want to be.
As a new woman, I even change my name from Jenn to Jett.
Did I expect to fall in love with a bunch of bikers?
No way. Not in a million years.
But they're sexy, protective, and completely devoted to me.
What girl could resist?
We get more than I bargained for when the rival gang comes to call...
And I realize I'm pregnant.
Will my biker boys save me, or will I save them?

Her Biker Boys is a 51k word novel with hot and steamy scenes and a surprise, refreshing ending. No cheating, of course, and an HEA that is sure to satisfy.