Her Best Men

by: Rye Hart


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Themes: Contemporary, M/F/M/M, Steamy
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

It's the night before Katie's wedding - and all four O'Conner brothers can't help but desire the bride to be.

The O’Conner brothers were my friends.
Camping trips were always fun.
Keeping each other warm with body to body contact.
But, that's where it stopped.
Because they were my brother's best friends.
And, I was forbidden fruit.

Now, years later, I'm back in town for my wedding.
And, I see all four men approaching me.
There's this mischievous look in their eyes.
And, it’s hard not to notice their gaze lingering on my every curve.

I must be imagining it, right?
How can all four millionaire brothers want me?

Then, the craziest thing happens…
I call off the wedding on the night of my rehearsal dinner.
Turns out my ex-fiancé is a cheating douchebag.

Good thing I have four hot men to keep my spirits up.
And this time nothing’s stopping them from living out their fantasies of me.

Will this be the most unforgettable time ever?
Or, will we break a lifetime of friendships if my brother finds out?