My name is Selene Delgado and I am the daughter of the king. I suppose that makes me a princess, but let me assure you, I am anything but. My father is Rafael “King Pin” Delgado. He’s the president of the Black Heart MC. That’s motorcycle club for those who don’t know. My father is the king of a hundred-man crew – and they all wear the Black Heart cut.

What if your father was the devil himself?

My father wants to groom me to be the very first female president of a dangerous, outlaw motorcycle club. And his tests are gruesome…something only a madman or lunatic would put together. Yes, my father is completely demented. If that’s not bad enough, he wants me to marry a guy who he treats like the son he wished he’d had. And this biker is just as crazy as my father! Well, that’s not happening. Not when my heart belongs to somebody else. Lucky. I’ve always wanted him…but our love is strictly forbidden.

What happens when your crush is forbidden fruit?

Welcome to Pleasant Valley, Pennsylvania, the last place on earth you’d think would have a motorcycle turf war on their hands. The name is idyllic, and the setting is, too, upon first glance. Set in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, you’d think our town would be tranquil. Pleasant Valley was set in the midst of a breathtaking forest. We have serene lakes and valleys, plenty of wildlife and we host plenty of hunters during open season. What many people didn’t realize was that after hunting season was over, the shooting continued.

Forbidden - book 1 by Sierra Rose is a Romeo and Juliet story about forbidden romance...but motorcycle style. Selene is a Black Heart. And Lucky is a Stone Wolf. They're from two different rival biker gangs. And consorting with the enemy will get you killed. But how do you forget someone who is aligned with your soul?

They know the consequences.

They know the risk.

But they don't care.

Nothing will get in the way of these two star-crossed lovers.

The Star Crossed MC Lovers Series

Book 1: Forbidden

Book 2: Forsaken

Book 3: Forever

Book 4: Forgiven