Falling for Sakura (Trilogy Box Set)

by: Alexia Praks


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Themes: Contemporary, Reverse Harem, Steamy
Length: Boxed set
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

One young woman. Seven brothers. When Sakura once again meets the gorgeous Princeton brothers, forbidden feelings are awakened and old flame ignites.

Twenty-three-year-old beauty Sakura dreads the moment she once again has to meet the drop-dead gorgeous Princeton brothers, due to arrive for their cousin’s wedding. Dodging their very presence is next to impossible since the brothers, who have forgotten who she is entirely, are attracted to her like moths to a flame and thwart her escapes at every turn. This, of course, leads to ungodly, tempting situations, awakens forbidden feelings, and ignites old flames that have been suppressed and laid dormant for many years. When she finds them competing for her, she is torn between Sebastian Princeton, the brother who loves her and watches over her from a distance, and Darcy Princeton, the brother who was once her best friend and now secretly yearns for her forgiveness and her love once again.