Double Rancher Trouble

by: Katerina Cole


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Western Romance
Themes: Contemporary, M/F/M, Steamy, Western
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Do you know how hopeless feels?
Well I do.
The ranch is falling apart. I can’t pay my bills.
And I’m alone.
I’ve given up on fairytales.
Until they show up.
Over six feet tall, hard, toned, and looking for jobs.
If only it were easy for me to trust what my heart wants.
But their bedroom eyes are full of temptation.
Their deep voices promise a ride I’ll never forget.
How do I turn away from two sets of rugged strong hands,
Meant only for me?

It was supposed to be a ranching job.
Nothing more.
Until we meet Harper.
Soft. Innocent. Sweet.
She’s desperate for us to fill a void.
But she has to open up and let us in.
We have what it takes to run the ranch during the day,
And give her her darkest fantasies when the sun goes down.
We aren’t the kind of men to leave a cowgirl unsatisfied.
Together we make her ours.
It’s the perfect life.
Only Harper’s past threatens what we’ve built together.
She needs us more than ever now.
She’ll realize how far her men are willing to go to keep her safe.
No matter the cost.