Owned by the Hitman - Alexis Abbott
I'm in deep to the Mafia. Ivan wants to save me, or so he says. More like he wants me to be his slave for a year. After the one-night stand I had with him, though, would that be so bad? With his impossibly hard body, and the way he always makes me scream... But he's still a monster. He's a criminal, and something so much worse. Yet I can't stop the tingling in my body every time I think of how he touched me, and those dark but delicious words rolling off his tongue, tinged with his Russian accent.

Blair Babylon - Somebody to Love
It’s one of the rules of the rock and roll road: the band and the roadies don’t mix. Can the love of a rock drummer and the pyromaniac roadie survive?

Theresa Hissong - It Takes Two
Twelve years of friendship turns into something more when Eva Porter’s two best friends confess their love for her after a heated night between the sheets. Her only dream over the years had been to be the woman for Max and Sam. Living a ménage lifestyle was new to her, but she knew, deep down, that this was what she needed. Eva soon realizes it will take two men to love her completely.When a threat to Eva’s life presents itself, Max and Sam step up security around their home to keep Eva from being harmed, but the man who wants her dead will stop at nothing to take her out. The suspect will risk everything, even death, to take Eva away from the two men sworn to protect her.

JJ Knight - Fight for Her
When an MMA champion gets a call from his young daughter asking if he will finally come see her, he knows there is only one way to deal with the loss of his one great love and their baby girl: to fight for them.

Meli Raine - Return
On a dark, rainy night I drove my overstuffed junker car back to a town I never expected to see again.

And when I needed a rescue by the side of the road, a tall piece of hot, unfinished business named Officer Mark Paulson was what the universe sent me.

Someone wants me here. Desperately. I’m hoping it’s Mark.
Because if it’s not, I’m in more danger than I ever imagined.
And if it is? Mark may be the most dangerous choice of all.

Olivia Rigal - Hot Mess
"My name is Hatcher and I want it all.I will not choose. Not between my bike, my club and my badge."

Holly S. Roberts - Heat
My name is Madison Abigail Kinlock. I’ve lived my entire life on the right side of the law. Unfortunately things didn’t turn out quite like I planned and now I need the assistance of a man who is my polar opposite. It doesn’t help that he’s hot. Hotter than hell to be exact with eyes that shoot straight to my heart and twist.

Catch Xavier Moon will help me for a price that I may not be able to pay. Can I resist his lethal charm or will I lose my soul to his underground world of death and destruction?

LS Silverii - Savage Souls Outlaws
Silverii’s Savage Souls chronicles an outlaw motorcycle club’s story of innocence lost and redemption gained.

Abigail Black is hell-bent on revenge, no matter the cost—even if payment is her life. After the death of her son she gives herself freely to the Savage Souls, gaining their trust and working her way up in the hierarchy until she can take them out. One by one.

James St. John has been undercover too long. The Savage Souls are his brothers and his loyalties are divided. Until he meets Abigail Black and discovers love is worth the sacrifice and redemption comes for those who pull the trigger first.