Dirty Crown: A Bad Boy Secret Baby Royal Romance

by: Marci Fawn


Genre: New Adult
Themes: Contemporary, Royalty, Secret Baby, Starting Over
Length: Committed Relationship (300-600 pages)
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

I had the prince's baby, and he doesn't even know...


At first, Edward was just another history buff, exploring castles with me.
A handsome, muscular history buff I couldn't keep my eyes off of.
I fell in love with the man, not the prince.
I married him on a whim, without thinking it through.
And I left in tears, knowing I was doing the right thing by leaving him.
He's a prince, after all.
But I didn't know I would have a royal baby girl in nine months.


Faith is unlike the girls I've come to know as a prince.
She may not be a princess.
She may not be royalty.
She may be just a girl... But she's the only girl for me.
And when I find out she had my baby, I'll do everything in my power to claim them both.