Cocky Soldier

by Faleena Hopkins


Genre: Romantic Suspense
Themes: Contemporary, Military, Steamy
Story Elements: HEA
Length: Committed Relationship (300-600 pages)
Series: Cocker Brothers of Atlanta 6 / 8
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Every day I run. From the past. The ghosts. My future.

I need the silence. But what I DON'T need is a Prius so quiet I don't hear it coming. How many times have I carried the wounded? Too many. But this one's got an attitude and thinks I kidnapped her, which I sure as hell didn't. She gets the clue, but still gives me flack. Sure do love to get a rise out of Meagan.

And when I find out she's boning her boss, well, I decide to have some fun. It'll be the first I've had in years...until it gets serious.

I have to get to work or Bryan will kill me. That's him calling now. Oh sh*t! My phone fell!

Reaching for it, I veer left and come up to discover I'm about to hit a gorgeous jogger and his huge black dog. Turn the wheel too fast and suddenly I've got a concussion and a screaming lover who wants to know why I'm not showing up to work on time with the big grand opening looming over our heads.

How can I balance everything life throws at me now that two guys are taking up all my time?