Beyond Tonight Vol. 2

by: C.J. Thomas


Genre: New Adult
Themes: Billionaire, Contemporary, Suspense
Length: Committed Relationship (300-600 pages)
Series: Hollywood Dreams 2 / 6
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

I opened up and let him have a taste.

I couldn’t push him out of my mind, and when he saved me for no real reason, taking me out of squalor and into his life of luxury, I wanted him even more.

Sheila said I should do it. That there was something going on between us. I don’t know. Maybe she was right.

The thing was, he had a girlfriend. And not just any girlfriend, Adrianna Eastman, maven of Hollywood. She was tall, smart, and gorgeous. The flippin’ world knew her by name. Even I did. But not like I knew her now.

I was nothing next to Adrianna, and to think I was anything more than what he already had was just plain dumb.

But what I learned about Adrianna might just give me the big break I needed and make him see me for more than a quick lay.