Bad For Me

by Cheryl F.M.


Genre: New Adult
Themes: Contemporary, New Adult, Playboy, Sports Romance, Starting Over
Story Elements: HEA
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)

At twenty-three, Olivia Ford has grown out of believing in relationships. The youngest child of one of the world’s richest family, all her previous relationships only wanted her for her money. Now working as an air stewardess, she is happy and contented until one particular flight…

One of the world’s hottest men (or so he likes to think), Drake Henderson is a successful race car driver and a notorious womanizer. He has long given up on finding a woman who would make him feel something more than what happens in one night until one particular flight...

What will happen when two people with personalities that completely clash meet? And what if they meet again in the most unusual circumstance? Will Olivia and Drake finally learn to let go of their fear of falling in love?