Bad Boy Bad *sses: Box Set

by Savannah Rylan


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Themes: Bad boy, Contemporary
Story Elements:
Length: Boxed set
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Why does falling for the bad boy always feel so good?

Bad Boy Bad *sses is a collection of bikers and mafia bosses and the women that can't help but fall for them. Get your bad boy fix in this steamy 9 book set.

Protected by the Biker
I'm an outlaw. It's what I do best.
Until I meet Ensley.
Thing is, she has a job that needs done.
An ex-boyfriend who needs to be dealt with.
No problem baby, pain is my middle name.
At first, it's about the money, but now it's so much more.
I'll make Ensley my bride and keep her safe.

Taken by the Mob Boss
I have no family. I have learned not to let anyone get close.
Luckily, the mafia prevents me from doing that.
I worked my way up the ranks...even becoming Marco's right hand man.
It doesn't get any higher than protecting the boss's daughter.
But I made a mistake.
I fell for her.

Baby and the Biker
I'm not who she thinks I am.
But for the night, I will be whoever she wants me to be.
But getting involved with me is dangerous.
When Reagan is threatened,
I realize I would do anything for her.
Even leave the MC.

Bought by the Biker
My brother is missing, but all I can think about is her.
I was never supposed to return to the Dragon Kings MC.
But I’ll do anything to find my brother.
Everything changes the instant Mila shows up.
When she tells me she’s looking for her niece, I start to think there could be a connection.
Everything is at stake, but all I can focus on is her.

Enzo (The Gambani Mafia) 
I am the son of a mafia boss.
I plan on following my father's footsteps and lead the family.
But I never thought that would mean taking a bride.

Keegan (The Murphy Family) 
She's the one that got away.
And I plan to do everything to make her mine.
Fallon and I grew up together.
My father ran the mob, while her father helped us cook the books.
When her father was killed by a rival family, I helped her run.
I never thought I would see her again.
Until she shows back up in town.
And I'm not the only one that knows she's back.

Cade (The Black Angels MC)
She was only supposed to be a one night stand.
But I never could get her out of my head.
I need to stop thinking about her, so I can do what I do best.
But when I see her again, everything changes.
Especially when I realize that she is carrying my child.

Rider (The Fallen Reapers MC)
All I have wanted is to be a prospect of The Fallen Reapers MC.
My best friend Colt is a member of the club.
I've known his kid sister Zoey for years.
But once she comes back from college, she doesn't look like a kid anymore.
Now I have to decide which is more important.
Her or the club.

Hawk (The Road Rebels MC)
She was supposed to be mine forever.
But the night our father's were killed, Sydney decided this life wasn't for her.
So she ran.
She left me, and our club behind.
I never expected to see her on my doorstep six years later.
With our child.