by Autumn Avery


Genre: Sports Romance
Themes: Contemporary, Football Romance, Sports Romance
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Why do they cal me The Anaconda?

If you can’t guess, just ask one of the model caliber babes on campus. They’ll fill you in on how I filled them up.

I’m a campus legend. My epic performances in the bedroom are second only to my game winning plays on the field as Ohio’s top quarterback. I’m a shoe in for the big leagues, but I’ve let The Anaconda run wild and my grades are in the toilet.

I’ve got to get my head right. But when I meet Julie, the chick assigned to tutor me, I’m not sure which head I’ll be able to listen to.

Behind those glasses, frizzy hair and Plain Jane clothes there’s a slammin’ hottie just waiting to be brought out. And I’m the man to do it.
I rocked her world, taught her things she never thought she’d do with a man.
But now she thinks I’m a jerk and wants nothing to do with me.

But what The Anaconda wants, The Anaconda gets, and Julie’s about to learn that.