A More Than Standalone Boxset

by N.E. Henderson


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense
Themes: Contemporary, Steamy, Suspense
Length: Boxed set
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

"I love reading this over and over ! It tugs on your heartstrings you feel like it’s right in front of you and your apart of the story!" — Bookbub Reviewer on More Than Lies

More Than Lies:
Ink, sex, and lies—that's me. I'm the guy who screws a girl against the wall and then walks. I've been pushing Tara away for years, knowing she’s too good for me, even though it burns to see her with other guys. Now she’s the one walking and I’m not sure I can handle losing her.

Then tragedy rips our lives apart, and I realize too late that I wasted my chance.

More Than Memories:
Memories are never forgotten. Or so it’s said, but she did. She forgot herself, me—us. She forgot everything. One day I woke up and there was only pain. This pain so fierce that I can’t overcome it alone. My heart was ripped out of my chest. I’m surviving, but barely. Not even the physical outlet I seek, to purge the torment of remembering the one I can’t let go, helps anymore.

In all of his agony, what if the worst of his pain has yet to be expelled? A secret that could have changed everything . . . had he known.