A Christmas Spectacle to Bear

by Jennifer Hilt


Genre: Paranormal Romance
Themes: Bear, Contemporary, Shifters
Length: One Night Stand (60-150 pages)


For single shifter Lea Riley celibacy sucks. Suspecting a new tattoo is behind her recent string of dating disasters, she arrives in Icy Cap to coordinate the Christmas spectacle at the local paranormal casino. Her goal? Track down the ice bear shifter she had a fling with four months ago in NY who created the tat. Also, she’d like to stay alive despite her troop of hostile troll showgirls.

Magician Caleb Kerzak's fling shows up in Icy Cap as his new roommate with one big question. Namely what's with the strange tat on her shoulder that wards off any of her potential dates? Ice bear shifter Caleb has some explaining to do, only he doesn't know the answers. He wants Lea back in his bed and he’ll do anything to protect her.

Lea and Caleb's steamy attraction tests them with secrets and murder at the casino during the prep for the Christmas show. Will our couple discover their mutual claim is the best thing that ever happened to either of them or is their love an illusion?