by: Nikki Belaire


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance
Themes: Contemporary, Mafia, Steamy
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

I don’t like hassles.

That’s why I work alone.

No reason to be modest, I’m the best at what I do. And what I do is earn millions from rich bastards who hire me to get back what’s theirs.

Rescuing Viviana Moretti is just another job.

Get in. Get out. Get gone.

Take the money and disappear like always.

Until she cries my name instead of his,

And I finally admit I want her even more than she needs me.

192 (One Ninety-Two) is a dark mafia romance. A stand alone full-length novel with an HEA and no cheating.

This book is intended for mature audiences only and contains extremely sensitive material including domestic violence that may not be suitable for all readers.