It’s that time of year again… time for pumpkin spice lattes, leggings, tunics, abnormally long scarves, and Uggs (if you can stand to wear Uggs, which I can—I love them). Guess what it’s also time for? Staying inside with a cup of hot cocoa and an extra hot romance. Recently, I’ve been attracted to bad boys who fall into a more traditional heroic role. These men might have dark pasts, but the paths they follow are protective and masculine—and of course, they’ll stop at nothing to defend the women they love. While they might not be classified as good boys, they all melt when their romances begin.

Tabatha Kiss usually writes really, really bad boys. You know the type. Mafia warriors, hitmen—the ones who will cut a man down and then take you back to their place for a weekend of fun. Recently, though, she launched a new release that features one of these down-to-earth heroes I mentioned above. The adorably named Muffin Top features a baker named Vincent as the bad boy hero. Vincent is a former Navy Seal and mostly keeps to himself—until he meets a curvaceous, beautiful woman named Evey. Evey is not only gorgeous—she needs the help of a strong hero. Pick up Muffin Top for an unconventional read. It’ll light your fire, heat up your oven, and it might even leave you hungry for more.

Looking for something sizzling hot? Try out Torch by Roxie Noir. Roxie is another author with a penchant for bad boys—and bad boy shifters. Hunter is a firefighter—and he loves playing the bad boy role, especially when it comes to women. His good boy secret? He’s nursing a broken heart. When Clementine passes his way again, this sexy, built fireman will do anything for a second chance at love. Perfect for a cool autumn night, you’ll love this second chance romance. Happy endings guaranteed.

Wren Williams has a woodsy, off-the-grid hero that might suit your autumn fancy as well. Ethan is a survivalist and lives off the land—and he’s a hitman, the kind that kills bad guys. So he’s not your typical bad guy. Of course, he meets his match in Skye—the only woman to catch his fancy in a long time. Set in Wyoming, Woodsman has a different flair than a lot of other bad boy romances. There’s danger, there’s passion, and there’s suspense. Perfect for an autumn evening by the fire.

Bucked by Jess Bentley is definitely a bad boy romance—but it features a real live cowboy as the hero. Half Native American, Kanen—called Wrecker by his fans—grew up in a world that wasn’t ready for him. When Chastity comes along, Kanen has a chance at a real relationship, a love he never dreamed of. This book is all about redemption through true love, and the steam is guaranteed to warm up your Kindle.

Filthy Seal by Kara Hart features another Navy Seal—and like many other Seals in the romance genre, he wears the disguise of a bad boy until he finds the woman he was meant to be with. When Peyton meets Dakota, they have a hot one-night stand before he ships off with the Navy. What follows is a masterpiece of excitement—a secret baby on the way, a husband picked on a reality show, and letters that never get into Dakota’s hands. It’s the perfect storm for multiple misunderstandings and love gone wrong.

With a new season rolling in, you need some new books on your Kindle. Download a few of these to get those sexy heroes you’ve been craving. They’ll pair well with a piece of pumpkin pie, some gently falling leaves, and a cool, rainy day that leaves you indoors. Autumn is the most romantic time of the year, don’t you think? Make this beautiful season even more delightful with some beautiful romance.

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Lexi Whitlow

Lexi Whitlow is originally from the middle of nowhere in a tiny county in Virginia--though now she's enjoying her days as a suburban romance writer in a neighborhood with a big, shiny pool. She spent her early years growing up between Virginia and her grandfather's farm in North Carolina. She's Southern by heritage and a world-traveler at heart. Writing books allow her to travel to distant, unexplored lands in her mind, but she spends most days chasing her six-year-old and shouting at her dog to stop sneaking onto the sofa while she's writing. She holds a master's degree in English literature, and her mom is so proud she's "using her degree." Lexi harbors a not-so-secret love for bad boys. She loves fighters, dirty princes, crooked cops, and criminals. Her husband is a scientist... but he has the heart of a bad boy. She spends what little free time she has crocheting, painting, and occasionally cooking for her family. On big writing nights, everyone is happy eating cereal.

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