by: Alana Serra, Juno Wells


Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Themes: Alien, Sci-Fi Romance, Steamy
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Series: Warriors of the Karuvar 1 /
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

She's always known you can't trust aliens, but nobody ever said they would be this hard to resist.

Between her work as a nurse and trying to keep her teenage sister from doing something stupid, Meg Cauthran has her hands full. Since the death of her parents from malfunctioning alien technology, Meg has lived with one simple truth: The aliens are nothing but trouble. And when she's assigned to a Karuvar medical facility, the impossibly sexy, incredibly possessive Verkiir proves just how right she is.

As First Guardian, Verkiir fer Vel’a is entrusted with the very future of the Karuvar--protecting the Pathfinder’s only son. Despite his people's tales of fated mates, Verkiir only believes in one thing: His duty. But when he lays eyes on the feisty Meg, all he can think about is claiming all of her--heart, body, and soul--for his own.

Their desire may burn brighter than the fiercest sun, but Verkiir wants more than one scorching hot night. Trying to convince Meg of their shared destiny is no easy feat, though. Especially when he has no idea what a human female even wants from a mate.

When their charges go missing in the dangerous ruins of a decimated Earth city, Verkiir and Meg are forced to rely on each other and the bond they share. But is the world truly ready to accept a union between a human and a Karuvar? And can they learn to trust each other--to overcome their prejudices--or are they destined to be torn apart?

Verkiir is the first novel in an exciting new sci fi romance series. It features a super sexy alpha alien hero, a confident, sassy heroine, and explicit scenes not suitable for the faint of heart!